Chinosis is an extremely effective system that works regardless of your belief. It is also a system that we actively encourage you to use by yourself and we provide each client with a demonstration leaflet. You will leave with an amazing tool that will help you in many areas of your life.

In Chinosis you do not enter a hypnotic state, but like hypnosis it is very effective and can be used for many things. The word Chinosis is made up from the Chinese, Chi, meaning life energy and nosis from ‘hypnosis’. It is essentially a fusion of hypnotic symbolism and the gentle hands-on approach of Meridian therapies like EFT.

Some people respond particularly well to the tangible effect of Chinosis, enabling them to breakthrough blockages that hypnosis alone could not shift. Chinosis uses neurosymbolism to reduce emotions and change your mindset. You represent the issues that you want to deal with in symbols so that your mind can deal with them without you having to consciously process the information. You then rub on acupressure points whilst focusing on a symbol.

It’s sounds incredibly simple, because it is! It’s also remarkably effective. Some people are sceptical when they start to use Chinosis because it can be difficult to understand how something so simple can work. But usually within a short time they don’t care how it works, they’re just happy that it does and that they can take it away and use it themselves on absolutely anything.

In a Chinosis session, we guide you through the process and teach you how to use and apply Chinosis to yourself. It is then both a powerful therapy tool and an effective self-help technique you can take away.