Why not start the new year, with a new you!

It’s well-known that hypnotherapy is a proven way to lose weight and quit smoking. So, what better way to treat yourself to a quick and effective treatment that could literally change your life?

A recent report, conducted at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and the University of California-San Francisco, found Hypnosis to be particularly helpful for would-be quitters who reported a history of depression. Statistics show that hypnotherapy is twice as powerful as other methods methods – like nicotine gum or patches – and 10 times more effective than trying to quit on your own!

Ben Affleck recently confessed that he had followed in Matt Damon’s shoes in seeking hypnotherapy to quit smoking. Affleck recalls, “You sit in, like, a Barker lounger (chair) and he (hypnotist) sips water and just talks to you for an hour, and explains how nicotine is poison.

“All of a sudden, you thought’ ‘This is asinine that I’ve been doing this to myself for all these years.’ “My last cigarette was on November 10th, 2005…I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don’t smoke. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was five years ago.”

Our Quit Smoking treatment takes from 1-3 sessions, with many clients conquering their habit in just 1 visit. So, what have you got to lose?