I’ve been pretty busy recently developing our hypnotherapy training package, for therapists and hypnotists in Northampton.

As always, the focus is on therapy and personal development, rather then simple entertainment. The theme of the training course that we are currently developing is Therapeutic Inductions.

If you’ve ever received hypnosis, or even if you are a hypnotherapist, you’ll recognise the familiar structure of: Induction, Deepener, Therapy, Wake-up. The usual tension felt by therapists is between making sure that are “under” enough during the induction and deepening and then getting to the therapy where the real magic happens. The tension is that the therapist wants to focus on the therapy, to see people change, but ends up focusing upon the induction, because it is felt that if he/she doesn’t do that part properly then none of the rest of it will work.

It is hoped that our training will be incredibly useful for therapists, in helping them move beyond this tension and to focus on the change taking place in their clients, rather than on their own performance. Therapeutic Inductions enable a hypnotherapist to move away from the four-step process above, towards an understanding of inductions as setting the whole theme of – and often lasting the entire length of – a hypnotherapy session.

Obviously, this involves learning conversational hypnosis skills, but there’s far more involved than that. The last person I introduced these ideas to quickly realised that he now had the ability to create countless numbers of inductions, from practically any conversation. The great thing about that was that it gave him an endless number of ways to approach any problem.

As you can see, this is powerful stuff! So, if you are looking for hypnosis training in Northampton, or simply want to learn a new way to structure your therapy sessions, contact us to be added to the mailing list.