You may be surprised to learn how many conditions hypnotherapy can help!

Anger Management
When someone is totally unable to control a basic human impulse such as anger it can be dangerous, and often the sufferer is unaware that the problem lies within him or her and believes it is whomever the anger is directed at that is the cause of the problem. Once you can come to terms with the problem, and analyse it using hypnosis, unresolved issues that usually stem from the formative years can be resolved.

Anxiety / Panic Attacks
It is a basic human instinct to feel anxious at some stage in our lives and millions of years ago our ancestors relied on this function to get through life safely. Even now we are all likely to feel tense when put under some sort of pressure. But it is when there is no conscious reason that we can see for feeling this way that it can become a problem.

Bed wetting
According to the NHS, bed-wetting when asleep, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is very common in children, especially those under 7. About one child in 20 children aged 10 wet the bed, and it is more common in boys than girls. It can be caused by medical conditions such as cystitis or diabetes, or by some children’s inability to produce enough of the antidiuretic hormone, ADH, which controls the production of urine at night, or just by the fact that some children develop bladder control later than others. It may also have a psychological cause and it is often in these circumstances that Hypnotherapy is turned to as a solution, as seen in this piece from The Times Newspaper.

Blushing comes about when there is an increase in heart rate, in much the same way as running a race makes your face red. This raises the temperature in the face and can make it feel redder than it actually is. Hypnosis can help to stop blushing in a number of different ways. One powerful approach is to re-train your mind to move away from the worrying thought that you are ‘going to blush’, towards a thought of being cool, calm, collected and resourceful instead. We won’t spend ages going over the past to find out why you blush, because no matter how the problem started, it is now just an automatic habit that can be unlearned and removed.

Confidence and Self Esteem
In hypnotherapy, the treatment given for low confidence is called “ego-strengthening” – and generally this is the first treatment every client receives. In addition almost everyone can benefit from learning how to relax, as when we know we can relax and calm down we build a sense of effectiveness, of confidence in our ability to manage our own emotions and thoughts. Clients are given powerful suggestions for feeling more confident, more in control and more effective in their lives. In addition clients learn how to remember and focus on previous experiences of success and confidence while learning how to view experiences of failure or low confidence as learning situations. In hypnosis clients rehearse situations where they want to feel more confident – and through this experience of mental rehearsal in hypnosis they develop a sense of self-mastery that influences performance in real life situations.

Most people who are overwhelmed, sad and hopeless need to change the way their subconscious mind is accessing thoughts and feelings, which creates the chemical state that leads to depression. When you change your thoughts, and release the emotional memories, your brain will begin to change the chemical state that it is creating in your body and you can begin to feel better.

Fears & Phobias
The success of treating phobias with hypnotherapy is well-known. In many cases, one session is all it takes to undo a phobia that someone has lived with for year! Come along and discover how easily hypnotherapy can resolve your fear of flying, Spiders, Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Heights and many more.

Unresolved grief can be treated successfully with hypnotherapy. Any unresolved issues associated with the lost loved one can be resolved easily. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you complete the natural grief process, unblocking whatever thoughts or feelings are preventing this from happening naturally and allowing you to move forward into the future.

Habits & Addictions
Many people have found themselves in the grip of behaviours they feel unable to control. These might be something seemingly harmless like nail-biting, or more life-threatening addictions like drugs and alcohol. Hypnotherapy can help release you from the grip of unwanted behaviours, as well as helping you develop healthier alternatives.

Insomnia affects over 40 percent of adults worldwide on a frequent basis, although experts estimate that almost all of the adult population has suffered from it at some point in their life. If you are in the first group, you know how difficult it can be to lead a normal life when you are dealing with insomnia. While there are many treatments available for insomnia, from natural remedies to prescription pills, hypnotherapy is gaining popularity as a tool to deal with insomnia without invading your body and without the risk of secondary effects.

Many migraine headaches are caused by stress triggers. Hypnosis, and other forms of alternative medicine, can help indirectly with any kind of pain that is triggered by stress. This is achieved by teaching deep and rhythmic breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and visualisation or ‘guided imagery’.

Nail Biting
Along with weight management and quitting smoking, nail biting is the most common reason for people to visit hypnotists. Nail biting is often stress-related, so hypnotherapy and relaxation is a natural method to use as a solution. The biter can learn to apply several different methods to enhance both the relaxed state, as well as his/her overall feeling of relaxation and well-being. Through hypnotherapy, you will learn to relax, become aware when you are about to bite your nails and also eliminate the compulsion to bite altogether.

Pain relief
Hypnotherapy has proven very successful in relieving a variety of painful illnesses and conditions, such as Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Migraines, Fibromyalgia and Asthma. In treating pain, Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious mind and controls the instructions it would normally send to the brain’s pain receptors.

Please note, pain is your body’s warning system. You should never use hypnosis to control pain or take pain controlling medication without knowing why you are in pain. It is important to consult your doctor to find the cause of pain before attempting any type of pain relief.

Personal Development
Hypnotherapy can be effective in enhancing all kinds of areas in your life. People use it to develop more confidence in public speaking, improve their academic or sporting performance, sales results or any other type of personal performance. Hypnosis can also help you with interview nerves, exam nerves and even with memory improvement. Graham can personally advise on the latter, following his performance at the World Memory Championships in 2000.

Sexual Dysfunction
Impotence, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia and many other issues can cause unhelpful tension in a relationship. The sad truth is however that it is rarely talked about. Feeling tense, lonely, afraid and sometimes in denial, many people find it too embarrassing to talk about or to find solutions so they suffer in silence with no hope in sight. It doesn’t have to be this way, as Hypnotherapy for sexual dysfunction has been proven over and over again. Your mind is your most powerful sexual organ, so why not tap into it to discover a new and fulfilling level to your relationship.

Skin Complaints
A great deal of skin complaints are caused by, or made worse by, stress and emotional pain. Hypnotherapy can help you address these deeper issues and have a profound effect on your skin. It has been shown to help calm down inflammations and help with itching and pain. Even Eczema, Psoriasis and warts have been known to respond well to hypnosis.

Stop Smoking
Stopping smoking could much easier than you think. After all, there has to be a reason why it is increasingly recognised as the most effective means to quit smoking – even being recommended by the NHS.

Research has shown that feeling stressed can have a debilitating effect upon the bodies immune system and can result in the onset of many diseases, so it’s a relief to know it can be treated – and easily!

Weight Control
Weight control is a continuing battle for many people, however it is much easier to achieve with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can help replace the desire for unhealthy foods with a new found appreciation for fruit or a glass of water. It can also assist you in correcting bad habits like snacking or over-indulging. However, the first step is often looking at why you overeat and why you want to lose weight. It is here that hypnotherapy can help reprogram your mind and help you look at yourself (and your past) in a new light. It sounds remarkably easy – because it can be!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of treatable conditions, but can give you an idea of the many benefits of using Hypnosis!