I maintain a hypnosis training website, write books about hypnosis and mental health, train people in solution-focused brief therapy and hypnosis,  and work with children, couples, families and individuals to make positive changes in their lives. I have developed a hypnosis tool known as “therapeutic inductions” and I enjoy sharing that when I get the chance. When I have time, I help companies become more solution-focused in their practice.



With a background in pastoral counselling and a long career in family support and mental health, I have devoted my life to developing a compassionate, caring and contemporary approach to helping people live their lives to the fullest.

Stage Hypnosis

I originally trained with Jonathan Chase, where I acquired the ability to hypnotise people in a matter a minutes and even seconds. This gave me practical experience of seeing people’s life-long problems sometimes overcome rapidly and permanently.


Moving On

I soon found that such a direct and authoritarian approach can leave the client feeling they were ‘fixed’ at the hands of the hypnotist, rather than through the power of their own mind. I decided that I would rather work on educating and empowering people than entertaining or impressing them.

Stephen Brooks

So, I sought out the World’s leading expert on indirect ‘Ericksonian’ hypnotherapy, Stephen Brooks. Since then I have completely revolutionised my own approach to hypnotherapy, with a focus on finding solutions instead of problems and being lead by the client instead of the therapist.



I am accredited by The National Hypnotherapy Society and am a member of The International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists (IAPCH). I have also been awarded certificates by The Academy of Hypnotic Arts, British Hypnosis Research, ICBCH and the Coaching Academy.

Training Others

Now I have the privilege and joy of training others. My intention is to pass on the best bits of the various people who have influenced me. My own version of solution-focused hypnosis, known as Brief Hypnosis, is gratefully receiving a ready audience from a fresh generation of hypnotists.

Make Your HAPPINESS a Priority.

I certainly will.

Testimonials & HAPPY Clients

"I am now a happy person who knows that I deserve to have good things happen. Thankyou so much for helping me see my way through…"

N, from Northampton

"Thank you, so much. You've no idea what this means to me. I never imagined it would have been so helpful!"

H, from Northampton

"I took the test today and I was very calm and couldnt believe how ok I was. I even started to enjoy the test!"

M, from Northampton

"I haven’t bitten my nails for weeks and it’s just kinda happened. Unbelievable! Thank you."

L, from Brackley

"I lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks. How?!"

L, from Buckingham

"Not a single craving in the 2 months since I’ve seen you! I can’t even imagine wanting to smoke again. I don’t know how you did it, but Thank You!"

P, from Kettering

"Literally, changed my life!"

M, from Corby

"I just wanted to say how thankful We are. Your manner and method left us quite comfortable and appears to have been the key needed."

J, from Milton Keynes

"Thank you very much for the help you gave me. I feel much much happier in myself. It was the best money I’ve ever spent!"

S, from Northampton

"I never imagined that I would say no to a piece of cake… It was effortless. …I’ve completely changed my relationship to food."

K, from Oxford

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