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Hypnosis has been proven to be successful in a wide-range of situations.

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Anger Issues

Hypnosis can be used to help with anger issues & self-control


Overcoming habits successfully is one of the main reasons people come to us.


Nail biting is often stress-related, so hypnosis and relaxation is a natural method to use as a solution.


The grief process can be assisted by hypnotherapy.


One way to help overcome blushing is to re-train your mind to move away from the worrying thought that you are going to blush, towards a thought of being cool, calm, collected and resourceful instead.


Hypnosis can be used to treat a number of sleep-related problems.


Anxiety and panic can be helped through the use of solution-focused hypnosis.

“I am now a happy person who knows that I deserve to have good things happen.

Thankyou so much for helping me see my way through… !”


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